Unpacking: What now?

     I have been trying for a while now to decide on how I was going to write about our return back home. How am I going to unpack for everyone the experiences that our group has had in New Zealand? For myself, the biggest lesson that I have learned from the trip is to […]

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NZ & Aussie: A Comparison

After the completion of our conservation medicine program, I was fortunate enough to be able to continue my travels to Australia! I flew into Sydney, Australia and here I spent two weeks. Right off the bat I knew that my experiences in the two countries would be totally different. In New Zealand, I felt a […]

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After an emotional stay in Koukourarata we headed to our last place of stay on this trip, Christchurch. At this point, the feelings of leaving New Zealand and the amazing mobile family we created were starting to kick in, and as much as we would have loved to spend our last moments together in New […]

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Milford Sound Cruise

This morning, I dragged myself out of bed and onto the bus. Chocolate muffin in hand, we continued our journey to Milford Sound. The skies were grey and heavy with clouds, but they couldn’t hide the natural beauty surrounding us as we pushed onward. We made several stops to ease our motion sickness due to […]

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Livin’ Like Royals

After leaving Te Anau, we drove to Queenstown. The bus ride was only about two hours, but it ended up taking a bit longer to get there because we stopped for a lecture and then at a lake, which had a cat and a playground, so you know we had to spend quite a bit […]

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The Wild Thornberrys

Wednesday, March 22nd was spent in Te Anau recovering from the amazing experience that was the Milford Sound overnight cruise aboard the Milford Wanderer! The group had a short lecture together in the morning before the Genetics portion had their own separate lecture. The afternoon was free for us to catch up on homework and […]

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