New Zealand Does It Better.

With our glorious New Zealand adventure coming to an end, I decided to continue my travels abroad to the “Land Down Under”, otherwise known as Australia. I was fortunate enough to have my two loving siblings meet me in Melbourne, where all three of us declared that we were determined to see a wild kangaroo. […]

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Unpacking: What now?

     I have been trying for a while now to decide on how I was going to write about our return back home. How am I going to unpack for everyone the experiences that our group has had in New Zealand? For myself, the biggest lesson that I have learned from the trip is to […]

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NZ & Aussie: A Comparison

After the completion of our conservation medicine program, I was fortunate enough to be able to continue my travels to Australia! I flew into Sydney, Australia and here I spent two weeks. Right off the bat I knew that my experiences in the two countries would be totally different. In New Zealand, I felt a […]

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After an emotional stay in Koukourarata we headed to our last place of stay on this trip, Christchurch. At this point, the feelings of leaving New Zealand and the amazing mobile family we created were starting to kick in, and as much as we would have loved to spend our last moments together in New […]

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