Weekend at Wanaka

After departing Franz Josef, we were on the road again—four hours’ worth.  We made a few stops along the way, firstly at Thunder Falls.  The waterfall here was breathtaking. The light hit it at just the right angle for it to glisten down the rocks as gravity pulled it down to the river. The river […]

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Franz Josef Glacier

Today was another day that we can check off our bucket list as the trip continues. Today we took a helicopter up to the top of the Franz Josef glacier and hiked a large portion of the bottom-most part of the glacier.  There were some nervous stomachs as we got our gear and trekked out […]

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You Butter Believe that We Saw Pancake Rocks & Blowholes!

Today, our conservation medicine team continued its academic adventures in Punakaiki, New Zealand. Our day began with a series of early-morning lectures on the complex global energy crisis. To extend our environmental studies, we ventured to the infamous Pancake Rocks and Blowholes of Punakaiki. These gigantic limestone formations curiously mold into stacks of pancake-like shapes. […]

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Nelson to Punakaiki

Today we got a bit of a late start and did not have to be out of our hostel until 10 am. We all woke up and packed up our hostel rooms and ate breakfast before we set out for Punakaiki. Once on the bus we were told by dad, Nathan, that mom, Jeanette, was […]

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Abel Tasman National Park

Leaving Resolution Bay, the group headed out to Nelson for our next big adventure. Abel Tasman National Park, the smallest park in New Zealand was no small feat. We headed to Nelson specifically for this and what our professor says is “one of the best hikes in the world”. As with most days here the […]

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